This website is about some of the amazing old stuff that I find, buy or see. Most of the things here are post war design, architecture, products or furniture, although that’s not a rule. Find out about me and the blog here.

Some things, in particular 1960s/70s GPO dial telephones, I renovate and sell. They are for sale in the shop.

GPO 746 dial telephone

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Know The Game, Table Tennis


Inspired by this post on Voices of East Anglia, I unearthed my dad’s 1978 Table Tennis copy of Know The Game, bought to accompany the DIY table he built for our garage in the early 80s. It’s always table tennis in my house, note. Never ping pong. If you call it ping pong, you’re an idiot.

Toulouse’s amazing flea market


I’ve always wanted to visit a real French flea market, so a holiday in the beautiful late-spring Pyrenees gave us the opportunity for a long drive into Toulouse, to visit the monthly weekend market (first weekend of the month, Friday, Saturday and Sunday) that seems to appear in just about every ‘best of’ list out there. C’est magnifique! A word of warning, though – […]

In my shop right now

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My retro holiday cabin in Wales

I part-own Caban Casita, a holiday cabin near Cardigan in west Wales.

The cabin is full of really cool retro and vintage things, like a 1970s Roberts radio, kitchen ware, some great books and furniture including an original Eero Aarnio egg chair.

Go to the Caban Casita website, or book a holiday via Under The Thatch