This website is about some of the amazing old stuff that I find, buy or see. Most of the things here are post war design, architecture, products or furniture, although that’s not a rule. Find out about the blog here.

Some things, in particular 1960s/70s GPO dial telephones, I renovate and sell. They are for sale in the shop.

GPO 746 dial telephone

Mid-century, supermarionation-style

Gerry Anderson mid-century interior

If I could have any dream job, it might well be a model maker for TV back in the days when computers were as big as a farm, and didn’t even have screens – let alone Hollywood budgets. Back when, if you wanted to build a spaceship, you’d need an empty washing up liquid bottle or two, some clear plastic [...]

In my shop right now

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My retro holiday cabin in Wales

I part-own Caban Casita, a holiday cabin near Cardigan in west Wales.

The cabin is full of really cool retro and vintage things, like a 1970s Roberts radio, kitchen ware, some great books and furniture including an original Eero Aarnio egg chair.

Go to the Caban Casita website, or book a holiday via Under The Thatch