In the shop: 1959 red Ericofon vintage phone

Red Ericofon vintage phone from 1959

UPDATE: This phone is now sold – but I have two more Ericofons for sale. Get in touch!

Of the phones I have for sale, this is probably my favourite: a mandarin red Ericofon from 1959.

Ericofons (sometimes called cobra phones for obvious reasons) were first produced in 1954, so this one is reasonably early (a manufacturing date of November 1959 is stamped inside the base). It was built for the UK (with a plug no. 420 instead of hard-wiring) and it has the original case design – taller and straighter than later, post-1961 models. Ericofons weren’t actually supplied by the GPO/British Telecom until the late 70s, so this is a reasonably rare early British example.

1959 red ericofon - insideUnlike most Ericofons this one rings, or buzzes, when you call it – most required an external bell box or, if you were posh, a second phone line. The buzzer would probably have been a later addition, at some point in the sixties.

These phones are a post-war Scandinavian design classic (if you don’t believe me, just ask New York’s MoMA), and this is a lovely example. It was in pretty good condition when I found it – the fact it still had the old plug suggests it hadn’t been used for many years. It had a few minor scratches in the body that I have polished out, and I have shined up the electrical contacts inside to help it last another few decades.

I like to be totally honest about the phones I sell, so you should know that there is a very small crack in the rubber seal around the bottom of the phone – at the back and not really noticeable. Also, there are some very minor scratches on the dial and finger guard that I couldn’t remove. Overall, however, this is in remarkable condition for a phone in it’s 60s. I can supply close-up photos of defects (or any other part of the phone) on request.

Red Ericofon vintage phone - base and dialThe phone has been converted to work on the modern UK phone system, and has a new line cord fitted. It has been tested and should work on any UK phone line.

You can buy this red Ericofon from my shop (UPDATE – sold, sorry!) – or look out for me at vintage fairs in and around Manchester.

(Source for many of the facts in this post: the excellent, and extremely friendly and helpful, )

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