Stockport Vintage Village – next week


So this blog has spent about a year in procrastination – almost as long as I’ve been, er, accidentally buying vintage phones and renovating them. The plan has always been:

1. buy phones
2. do up phones
3. sell phones

#1 hasn’t been a problem. I’ve done really well at that. #2 has taken somewhat longer than planned. #3 has, let’s say, been a weakness. But that’s all set to change!

Next week, October 9th, 10am-4pm, I’ll be making my vintage fair debut at Vintage Village in Stockport.

It’s a brilliant event. I’ve been a couple of times, and the atmosphere, range and quality of the stalls is amazing, not to mention the venue itself – the beautifully restored Stockport covered market. (Last time I went I bought a really cool 1970s portable Sony TV to plug into my original faux-wood Atari 2600 – but that’s a post for another day)

I’ve been to one or two antiques fairs in grimly lit municipal sports halls, where half the stuff on sale is modern tat, and the other half is overpriced. But Vintage Village seem really protective about keeping the quality of stalls high, and I’m really pleased that they’re letting me sell my phones there next week. Plus, these guys will be there selling the best cakes I’ve ever eaten. Seriously. Please come and buy phones from me so I can buy cakes. All the cakes.

Anyway, I will have ten or eleven restored vintage phones on sale: GPO 706, 746 and a Trimphone, three cool-as-hell Ericofons (including one from 1959), and a couple of really cute Australian 806 phones. Come and say hello, look at the plastic shine, play with the dials – fall in love with them like I have. And maybe take one home with you.

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