Vintage Village, October


From the better-late-than-never, seriously-where-have-the-days-gone department, I thought I’d write something about the excellent Vintage Village fair I went to a couple of Sundays ago. I’d visited a couple of VVs before, as a customer, and loved the buzz – so booked a stall to sell my restored vintage telephones.

We arrived to the exciting bustle of people bringing in boxes of intriguing stuff, and to the welcoming Sarah and Alan from VV. Being my first vintage fair, I don’t have anything to compare against – but VV seems very well organised with a great atmosphere, and that’s real credit to them both. It’s an event I’ve enjoyed going along to as a customer – and so had no doubt I’d enjoy it as a seller.

My stall at Vintage VIllage

Our stall neighbours were the very friendly Donald and Miss June Vintage, who made us feel very welcome. I had met them briefly before (buying a totally amazing 1970s portable TV from their stall last month), and it was lovely spending the day next to them. They had some cracking stock this month too, including a cool 1980s BT telephone – but, to be honest, I decided I was probably ok for phones.

Despite that, and a number of other temptations, I was very good and didn’t buy anything, except some lovely greetings cards from That Girl Sue beautifully made with old stamps, and a cupcake from Stuart Thornley Cake Design. Maybe two cupcakes.

CAKEOK, so I didn’t offload many phones (although did sell one of my favourites, a red 746 with bell on-off button, to another very friendly smallholder, Strumpets Bazaar), but I had a great day and learned a lot about running a stall at a fair – with a big list of ideas for next time. If you’ve always dreamed of seeing a live demonstration of vintage phone restoration in action (and, let’s face it, who hasn’t?) it really will be your day.

Sadly I won’t be able to get to the November fair (I say sadly – I’ll be tucked up in this hotel in Whitby, so things could be worse), but I’m hoping to have a stall in December. See you there!

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