Family photos 1 – Dalston hipsters, 70s/80s Canadian-style


While I’m not going to claim that my close or extended family has ever been stylish and fashionable, they were certainly ahead of their time. Go to any East London coffee shop, craft beer house or micro brewery bar and you’ll find these outfits. I’m proud that my family got there first!

These are my Canadian cousins, on my mum’s side. I met them once when I was little, one of them was really tall.

Two of my cousins, looking ice cool

Garth from Wayne's Worlds

Is this a onesie or a romper? I never know the difference.

Romper onesie

These are my other Canadian cousins, on my Dad’s side. There’s no connection between the two sets of Canadian family, just a coincidence and a shared love of cutting edge fashion.

Adidas Zorro

My cousin. Or a young David Bowie.

You’ve no idea how much I want these headphones:

Most amazing brown leather headphones

Just to prove that a keen fashion sense wasn’t limited to the west-Atlantic side of my family, this is my dad (and sister) from 1978. You’ll find those glasses in every brand communications agency in London. Hopefully we’ll never see that beard again though.

What is that on your chin?


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