Toulouse’s amazing flea market


I’ve always wanted to visit a real French flea market, so a holiday in the beautiful late-spring Pyrenees gave us the opportunity for a long drive into Toulouse, to visit the monthly weekend market (first weekend of the month, Friday, Saturday and Sunday) that seems to appear in just about every ‘best of’ list out there. C’est magnifique!

A word of warning, though – despite everything I could find about it on the web, it’s no longer held on Allées Jules Guesde, presumably because that avenue now has a tram line running down it. We found it just round the corner (via a long detour to the tourist office) on Allées Forain-François Verdier, running all the way between François-Verdier Metro station and Le Grand Rond.

There is also meant to be a great flea market around the Basilique Saint-Sernin on Sundays. We could only make the Saturday though, which was a shame - although the big market was easily full enough of amazing stuff to keep me happy – from pre-WW1 and older through mid-century and up to the 70s and 80s. We wandered up and down for a good hour or two, and came away with a couple of records, a lovely battered wooden file box to go on my desk, a bright green plastic apple-shaped ice bucket to go in our retro 70s holiday cabin in Wales, and a lingering sense of regret that we flew to the south of France instead of driving an empty Transit van across the channel. Look at the space-age TV that I couldn’t buy because of Jet2′s paltry baggage allowances! Je suis désolé.









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