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Hello, I’m Tom and this is my blog.

It’s about interesting and amazing old stuff that I find, buy or see in the real world, or on the internet. I plan to write mainly about design, architecture, products or furniture from the post-war period to the 70s or 80s, although that’s not a rule. Mainly I’ll just write about and link to anything vaguely vintage or retro that I see and like.

It’s also unashamedly designed to tell you about the vintage telephones I restore and sell – phones from the 1950s onwards, like the GPO 706 and 746, the incredible Ericofon (sometimes called the Cobra Phone) and the odd but exciting and quintessentially British Trimphone. Over time, I’ll be featuring each one on this blog, along with hints and tips on how I buy, fix and restore phones.

Sadly, being a vintage geek isn’t my real job. I’m a website user experience expert – this is my website. I live in Manchester, in the sunny north west of England.

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