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Photos of abandoned record shops

Amazing and very sad photos of closed and abandoned record shops around the world. (I went to Bleecker Bobs in Manhattan only a few months ago, I had no idea it was about to close down)

Family photos 1 – Dalston hipsters, 70s/80s Canadian-style


While I’m not going to claim that my close or extended family has ever been stylish and fashionable, they were certainly ahead of their time. Go to any East London coffee shop, craft beer house or micro brewery bar and you’ll find these outfits. I’m proud that my family got there first!

Vintage Village, October


From the better-late-than-never, seriously-where-have-the-days-gone department, I thought I’d write something about the excellent Vintage Village fair I went to a couple of Sundays ago. I’d visited a couple of VVs before, as a customer, and loved the buzz – so booked a stall to sell my restored vintage telephones. We arrived to the exciting bustle of people bringing in boxes […]

In my shop right now

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