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Ebay watch: working Motorola Dynatac 8000X cellphone


Anyone want to buy me a present? This working Motorola Dynatac 8000X cellphone (the world’s first commercially available ‘mobile’ phone, from 1983, favoured by Gordon Gecko and weighing just more than a cool 1.5kg) is currently a snip… At the time of writing, it’s only £1000 – three hundred quid cheaper than on this site. It’s my birthday in 4 months time – ideal […]

New Year Vintage Village

A black 706 phone on my stall at Stockport Vintage Village

It was a bit cold, and the whole of Greater Manchester was a little quieter than normal due to some football match or other, but it was still a fantastic January Vintage Village at Stockport Market. We had a great day for sales – so good first thing, in fact, that I hadn’t fully unpacked the stall before I’d sold both a […]

Fixing up a phone #1

Vintage GPO 706 phone ready for renovation

This is the first in a series of posts looking at the whole process I go through when fixing up a vintage phone. I got into phones a couple of years ago, and there have been a number of really useful sites over the web helping me learn – but nowhere have I found a general overview of the whole process […]

In the shop: 1959 red Ericofon vintage phone

Red Ericofon vintage phone from 1959

UPDATE: This phone is now sold – but I have two more Ericofons for sale. Get in touch! Of the phones I have for sale, this is probably my favourite: a mandarin red Ericofon from 1959. Ericofons (sometimes called cobra phones for obvious reasons) were first produced in 1954, so this one is reasonably early (a manufacturing date of November […]

Stockport Vintage Village – next week


So this blog has spent about a year in procrastination – almost as long as I’ve been, er, accidentally buying vintage phones and renovating them. The plan has always been: 1. buy phones 2. do up phones 3. sell phones #1 hasn’t been a problem. I’ve done really well at that. #2 has taken somewhat longer than planned. #3 has, […]

In my shop right now

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