Family photos 1 – Dalston hipsters, 70s/80s Canadian-style


While I’m not going to claim that my close or extended family has ever been stylish and fashionable, they were certainly ahead of their time. Go to any East London coffee shop, craft beer house or micro brewery bar and you’ll find these outfits. I’m proud that my family got there first!

Details from Victoria Baths, Manchester

Vintage Home Show at Manchester Victoria Baths

We visited the Manchester Vintage Home Show a few weeks ago – full of very interesting post-war vintage dealers. But aside from the show, there was another big reason we wanted to visit: the venue, Manchester’s Victoria Baths.

In my shop right now

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My retro holiday cabin in Wales

I part-own Caban Casita, a holiday cabin near Cardigan in west Wales.

The cabin is full of really cool retro and vintage things, like a 1970s Roberts radio, kitchen ware, some great books and furniture including an original Eero Aarnio egg chair.

Go to the Caban Casita website, or book a holiday via Under The Thatch